DNA vol. 2 by Carlos Bunga


“This is the second edition of my DNA book.
But because this book is not complete, it is ongoing. It’s an open space, where things are being questioned; it functions as a dictionary, a botanical conceptual handbook. It is not a representation of my work; it’s an attempt of approximation to my thoughts.
But also this second edition is not complete: DNA will always remain open and it contains fragmented ideas, paths, clues, leads that help me to reflect, to rethink words, to correct, change, evolve concepts and projects, to add more drawings, terms and notions – repetition is a no-go.
DNA is like my artistic practice: an object in a constant procedural state where there is no finalised form in its structure. Any kind of finalised form induces a sense of death.
This book runs like a beginner’s mind, ready and eager to accept all possibilities and options. It is a book accessible to new perspectives and investigations: it’s not closed, there is no final, well-defined shape. It’s open to addition, revision and dissolution.”


SIZE 18.5 x 12.5 cm


Publisher: Artphilein

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