How to Raise a Hand by Angelo Vignali


The birth of this second book by Angelo Vignali happened when he approached the enormous archive of photographs and drawings his father produced throughout his life. Vignali, whose work is often systematic, decided to take another path and went for a very personal matter. He discovered 313 black and white cut-out vintage prints of his father fingers. While working with these photographs and bringing back the presence of his father’s hand, Vignali saw the astonishing similarity with his own hands. The photographic and performative book ‘How to raise a hand’ is mysterious, touching and funny at the same time. The author raises questions like: What if family is more similar to each other than we ever could imagine? What if our bond with who is no more with us, is very substantial? Do those who are no longer alive, keep on living within us?
The best result in making art is when you totally surprise yourself and others with the result of it. And that’s exactly what happened to Vignali, to me and hopefully to you, seeing this raw and intimate experiment. The past and the future of life go hand in hand in this finger licking good book.

128 Pages / 20×28 cm
Soft cover

Publisher: Witty Books

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