Whitewash by Harit Srikhao


Inspired by bizarre and discordant memories of the 2010 violent riot in Thailand, Whitewash explores the mental surgery of citizens through propaganda in a post-truth society.
Harit Srikhao employs an original visual vocabulary borrowed from both fetish fantasies, Hindu religious tropes and classic Thai imagery to question the notion of shared reality and the use of images as tools for social domination.

“Heaven and hell are being used as political weapon to debase the value of the people and convince them to agree with the power. This way of thinking is aggressively taught in schools and it leads to a mindset which allows governments to cage the people of a nation. Propaganda provides the way we see ourselves, the way we see others and the way we see the world.
If the government can domineer the thoughts of the people in the country, it can also control the way citizens will react to whoever thinks differently thus effectively controlling their behaviour in daily life.”

Publisher: AKINA Books

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