by Fosi Vegue

The use of the digital noise in Fosi Vegue’s “XY XX” project establishes a time-space framework on its own. His experimental and disruptive technique reflects on the way in which issues linked to eroticism and sexuality could manifest themselves subconsciously: undefined, dazzling, subversive. Whilst most cameras today strive to erase any trace of the digital noise, here this is exploited to ​its maximum effect. Quoting an expression used by Barthes, his distortion is le grain de la voix. The viewer appears to be present, but the body is partially denied. The photograph itself becomes a versatile voyeuristic device, revealing little cracks to peer into the story: windows, peepholes, mirrors. Vegue creates an alternative narrativity build-up on a fetishistic and voyeuristic approach to the object which is also ​a skillful trick of the photography medium itself.



Dirk Braeckman ǀ Tiane Doan na Champassak
Julie Van der Vaart ǀ Fosi Vegue