Antimatter Flavour


300 copies
86 pages
24 cm x 34 cm

design by Yogurt Creative Agency

on sale in our Paper Room in Rome or ordering it at info@yogurtmagazine.com
20 euro shipping costs excluded

Dirk Braeckman
Tiane Doan na Champassak
Julie Van der Vaart
Fosi Vegue

yogurt. is not quite a magazine, but rather a curatorial proposal set on paper, in which the defragmentation of the theme underlines the need to enhance the uniqueness of the four artists, presenting narratives that deepen unusual visual languages.
With the awareness of the maze of concepts and models of perception related to the representation of the body, yogurt. is pushing the limits beyond corporeal.

Antimatter is a fervent visual journey guided by our ultimate selection – Dirk Braeckman, Tiane Doan na Champassak, Julie Van der Vaart and Fosi Vegue – whose uncanny gazes shatter the paradigms of the photographic aesthetics, transmuting the body into corporeal allusion.