World Without Us

by Geert Goiris

World Without Us is​ a visualisation experiment anticipating a world without humans, a world we do not know. It proceeds from the broadly shared notion that we are a society in danger, marked by massive species extinction.​

Alarming and conflicting information give rise to anxious perceptions. Our imagined future is a narrative of hope, wonder or dread, and today’s opinion-forming powers tell us that the times to come will not look like the past. This affects our​ state of mind, our perceptions and premonitions.​

I have adopted the paranoid perception of living at the end of an era.

The act of photographing brings a non-human actor into the imagination of the world. It defamiliarizes and restructures the experience of our own present.

My aim is to make images that can be understood as speculations: not strictly referential, but appealing to our imagination. I want to make photographs apart from realism, not things as they are, but as they can be, moving beyond the literal and the prosaic, but without abandoning the indexical qualities of the medium.​

I combine these images in exhibitions and publications where they set in motion an open narrative oscillating between familiarity and alienation.

Courtesy Galerie Art: Concept, Paris