by Giacomo Infantino

The project outlines the places of some provinces. A journey along the places of pre-Alpine region of the north of Italy, in the forests of the southern Apennines and the suburbs of Saxony, in Germany. The inhabitants are not very different from these places, a reflection of an apparent reality. I wanted to investigate the perception of the landscape, a theatre of stories, which becomes cinematographic and a platform for visual and luminous experimentation.

An environment in which we seem to live a life that does not belong to us, yet it is us, right there inside the image, so vivid and real, calm but with a storm inside. Entering rooms, observing the places where people live, the world out there, ephemeral territories are hidden by veils, acting as a protection of our person they give way to new forms of perception, never static and rich of multiple dimensions. My research attempts to investigate and question the intertwining of journeys, dream visions, questions, which I gathered during the long days spent adrift, transported by signals that are still waiting to be deciphered. They float between reality and fiction, orchestrated by distorted perspectives in which the point of view is nothing but the projection of ourselves.

Undefined characters, represented as shadows, observe our world in a detached way but at the same time they lead us to ask ourselves what is the true perception we have of ourselves and of the world in which we live. Real or unreal is it really important? Does reality really exist? Is there really an objective nature of things? Is everything that happens to us already altered in advance by our unconscious? Perhaps dreaming we can give shape to our thoughts.