by Arimasa Fukukawa

In the springtime, in Venice, I met a woman. As if drawn together by destiny, I moved to Paris where she lived. Before long, however, she fell ill and eventually succumbed to death. It was the summertime, four years after we first met. Every moment we shared together, and everything she gave me, now forms a part of my life. Her departure teaches me to treasure the things I see every day, I know now they are not endless. We are sometimes destined to meet someone. It is as if we remember the promise our souls have made before we were born. Two of us come together at the same time at the same spot to fulfill the promise which we have no means to know about. We together confirmed our true selves through our encounter and the time we spent together. Why do people meet someone? What makes us get attracted and love each other, and why do we die? Where do our souls eventually go, and how can we face the rest of our life after loved one dies? This compilation of photos is not to give the answer. The work rather puts a question to those who see it.