Fire is My Favourite Color

by Marta Zdulska

It can be said like this: one day a fire showed up and changed everything. Like the cut flowers that she places everywhere she goes, Marta Zdulska has no roots. “I started taking pics on the street coz I missed my friends—I was living alone and I had no one around to talk to.” Fire is My Favourite Color arose from this dislocated mood and is a form of visual questioning that parallels her wandering from place to place.

In September 2016, we at Cesura Publish met Marta and decided to invite her as our first Artist in Residence for a project named “Residence in the Hills” (a homage to the countryside surrounding the studio). The goal of this residency is to promote the work of emerging talents, with a limited edition publication of the material developed in the 4 weeks experience as the final accomplishment of the collaboration.

Cesura Publish and Marta Zdulska worked together throughout May 2017 to make Fire is My Favourite Colour. Each phase of the work was developed through mutual decisions and the technical support of our team. In Marta’s case, we worked with mixed media – collages and photos – in order to complete the narrative provided by the photos and evoke the full intensity of her experience.

“What [Marta] shows us is a mutable world; an incessant shifting of surfaces and objects that can perhaps be photographed, poemed, collaged into sense – but in these images there is a beauty that does not contradict but rather arises out of this transience, that depends on this volatility; and it is a beauty that would elude us indefinitely were it not for the pilgrim’s readiness of her camera.”
the book