THE GRACES By Rafael Tanaka Monzò – Signed –


“I do not remember the first time I saw the picture of The Three Graces by Rubens. What I do remember is that they seemed grotesque to me and did not resemble girls that idealized when I was a teenager full of hormones. Today with maturity I see a real portrait, a sincere vision of free women, voluptuous and powerful in all their splendor. One of the best portraits of painted women.

In this book I freely reinterpret the vision of The Three Graces and I appropriated anonymous / amateur photographs of the 50s to create ambiguous images about the androcentric stereotype of the woman of that time, because as editor / photographer I have never been interested in the Schiffer, the Crawford, the Turlington or the Evangelista, those top models who decide when and with whom they work and who decide which image to offer of themselves, photographs in which Herb Ritts or Peter Lindbergh become their refined painters.

However I have a predilection for anonymous or amateur photography that portrays the women of that iconographic era that enthrones the Madonna as feminine culmination, when the woman acquires her highest status as a perfect married, serene matron and great lady of her house.

A representation in the collective imaginary portrayed by the amateur photographer that idealizes the essence of an attractive, secret and sophisticated femininity. These anonymous photographs are accomplices of a mystification strategy that consists of creating the image of a real woman but unattainable, that you can look, desire, and imitating the women cut out of the pages of magazines and pasted on the wall of a room.

 —  R. Tanaka ”

The book includes 7 inserted images (held by « photo corners ») plus a tiny picture in a mini blister, all included in a sealed plastic sleeve.


Publisher: Les Editions Shirokuro, 2019 (30 copies)

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