O OUTO TIGRE By Pedro Terror


“Tyger Tyger, Burning bright,
In the forest of the night;
What immortal Hand or eye,
Cloud frame thy fearful symmetry?”

Photographed in its entirety in the author’s hometwon,
Póvoa de Varzim – a small city in the north coast of Portugal.
At night, spaces and landscapes are reorganized into abstract forms, creating tones of strangeness and alienation that make the worlf into an outdated, unfamiliar landscape, a indistinguishable forest,

This project is above all a meditation on urban space, but also a mechanisms of intimacy, breakup and what’s left when you think you have nothing, the transforming power of the act of observing, and how the gaze is free from objectivity and is a reflection of an emotional state that is born even before the process of intention.

Publisher: Self-Published


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