Iarivo’ Ny Mavo by Tolojanahary Ranaivosoa


Because of the very accelerated degradation of the environment by bush fires, forest fires, pollution and the effects of climate change, the water table is drying up, rain is becoming increasingly scarce, and rivers are running dry. In Antananarivo, not every household has running water. Shared water sources are installed in each neighborhood. Water is not free.
In the past, some people had the privilege of quenching their thirst through their personal taps. Later, they had to wake up in the middle of the night to fill tanks and jerry cans. Nowadays, many of them join the ranks of those who line up to get this precious liquid at public fountains.
This project is named ‘The Yellow Revolution’ in reference to the water canister; social life in Antananarivo revolves around the water canister. Basically, it’s a can of edible oil. It situates the era of challenge, of struggle in which every Malagasy of today faces or will face tomorrow.

Softcover with half-dustjacket

SIZE 26 x 20 cm


Publisher: Artphilein

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