Things About My Mom And Me

by Yuki Furusawa

Shortlisted at the Charta Award 2022

This work represents how I explore my identity through the relationship between my mother and I.
The mother-daughter relationship is unique. Coming from different generations, they have experienced contrasting moments and events in their own lives, fostering individual ways of thinking. However, similarities can easily be found between mothers and daughters, which even they have not realized. What makes this relationship so special? Is it just because of blood bond or is there anything else?
I am turning 25, which has made me realize that what was once the distant future is quickly becoming reality. I am expected to take “proper” life steps such as developing a career, getting married and having kids. This makes me anxious and scared because I cannot imagine doing any of them and I am not ready for any of them. At times like this, I think I should know more about my mother. I should explore the relationship between us more in depth. Even though a lot of things about us are different, I take after her in some ways and even resemble her in other ways. I believe that this cherished and unique relationship can help me make sense of many things. There is a lot of uncertainty in my life, but all that I am sure of is that I will become someone like my mother. It puts me at ease sometimes.