The Hunter

by Patricia Voulgaris

“The past and present collide seamlessly and collapse into one being or object within the frame. My presence is unfixed and absorbed into a darkness that carries me. This consumption creates a disconnect between the viewer’s perception of my feminine body and what is being reflected in the photograph. I refer to my photographs as ‘cursed’, as they provide an overall glimpse into a world that is unsettling and infused with unapologetic characters. These characters are often played by myself, with my partner or my parents as we collaborate on disassembling notions of femininity, queerness and our roles in society. Through performative gesture and movement I set the stage for my subjects to occupy specific spaces. Their presence is often projected as disjointed, mystical, and unaware of the chaos that surrounds them. I place myself and others into situations where we collectively push our bodies to capture an exchange. This exchange often takes the form of an illusion where actions influence supernatural beings and forces. These magical forces teeter between fact and fiction.”