The Blindest Man

by Emily Graham

The Blindest Man explores the contradictions of a pursuit that has no answers and no ends.
Nearly thirty years ago, a golden treasure was buried somewhere in the landscape of France. A book of clues, written by an anonymous author, promised to hold the key to a route to find the treasure. It is yet to be found.
In the making of the The Blindest Man, I joined in this pursuit, acting as treasure hunter looking for photographs as I followed other hunters’ failed searches across France. I am less interested in solving the puzzle than in various individual interpretations of the clues, the notion of treasure hunting itself, and where this leads those who seek definitive answers: the dreams, fantasies and obsessions of individual searchers.  Guided by the hunters’ experiences, journeys, routes, encounters, misinformation, dead-ends and so on, I follow in their footsteps, fascinated by the precarious nature of pursuit and failure, and in turn, photography’s own slippery relationship to truth, searching, interpretation, fantasy and obsession.