Santisimo Sacramento

by Agustín Zuluaga Olarte

When memories become images.

Our memories are constantly transformed and diluted. Memory loses its codes, it is modified and recreated. Oblivion pounces on our memory; and lucidity, which springs like lightning, is quick to fade away. Sometimes, our memories are altered and we question the truthfulness of images, which are the material proof of our lives. Thus, we hold on to memories which we cherish more than images because we consider them to be the remains of our experiences. But the mind plays with them, and memories fade in themselves. Are we left with images? With memories? In Santísimo Sacramento, I wanted to illustrate, to explain, and to understand the loss of memory due to Alzheimer’s and dementia. In this case, it is my parents and ancestors that I speak of. Through photographs, negatives, and my own reminiscences, I have attempted to recreate their memories as an excuse to anchor my own memory against the swooping whirlwind of oblivion.