by Michel Mazzoni

Rien, presque is a series that was produced, according to my wanderings, in Belgium, France, Romania and Japan, between January 2019 and June 2022. It is a work of observation and instinct, this which results from images has more to do with sculpture or installation, than photography.
It is a corpus of fragmented images and views that draw their iconography from the public space or from motifs specific to modernity. These images somehow represent demarcations in the urban landscape that function like minimalist sculptures generated by human actions. I considers them as traces of daydreaming, catalysts of poetic resistance, little time capsules illuminating the world.
Like the philosophical thought of Vilém Flusser, this work deals with “the state of things”, the relationship between things being more significant than the things themselves. We discover in these images the aestheticism inherent in what is close to us, in the banal, in everyday life. Relationships become visible between the initially disparate images. Phenomena of echoes and contamination between the images appear. This is very well represented in the layout of the book.The recurring shapes are invisible connecting lines that condense into an abstract narrative.