by Sara Galbiati, Peter H. Eriksen, Tobias S. Markussen

What lies behind UFO phenomena? A commercially profitable story, a delusion with social consequences, a religious myth or a physical phenomenon?
The exhibition “Phenomena” examines the human need for faith through extensive research and collected data on the modern myth of ETs and UFOs.
It strives to achieve an understanding of this modern aspect of humanity’s eternal search for substance and fear of meaninglessness.
Through an investigative journey in the states of Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona, Tobias Selnaes Markussen, Sara Galbiati, and Peter Helles Eriksen have documented an alternative religion—a religion where neither God nor mankind is at the centre of the universe.
The group present their empirically collected material and encourage the viewer to take a critical but open-minded look at the work, because the complexity of the subject and constant flow of changing information mean that the pieces can be combined in infinite ways.
Using an anthropological approach, their aim is to collect as much documentation as possible and maintain a non-judgmental attitude when meeting their informants. The group believes this approach maximises the chances of excavating something that eventually could lead to a new understanding.
This method has had a crucial effect on the outcome of the material and statements. Some of them are contradictory; some might not even be true. This gives the exhibition a feel of fiction, though the work itself is entirely based on reality.