by Gian Marco Sanna

Earth is Heaven and Hell is not noticing it

– Jorge Luis Borges

How scary is silence? An incessant whistle in the ears that blocks thoughts and unveals memories of the origins, when the air was still and silence prevailed. Then the noise, the metamorphosis of man on Earth, from creation to ape, from ape to man, from man to Destroyer.

Unable to appreciate the fruits of Mother Earth, the beginning of descent into the abyss, from having little to too much, from too much to excess. And like a wolf unable to feel pity for his prey, man consumes the planet thinking that he will die before he will be able to see the end of it.

With the same selfishness that decided that the life of a fly is worth less than a man’s, we will continue to live feeling free, but always slaves of society and of consumerism nonetheless. We will return to stop at red lights without that no one crosses in front of us, and madly believe that the fun is linked only to excess.

What leads the crowd to follow the “single” will be our downfall, not have the power to use the brain, hypnotized by one’s alter ego hiding our “I”, needing guidance, of a father, will lead people to no longer have worship freedom. Orienting people towards modernism and thus, they will be commanded while feeling free.