Over Their Dead Bodies

by Kensuke Koike

“Some time ago, browsing through old photographs in a flea market, two group portraits caught my eye. Of the eight women in the first photo, six appeared in the other photo as well. I recognized them from their faces not their dresses, which were different. No clue as to what photo was shot first. On the reverse both bore the same studio imprint, a photographer of the First World War.
I asked myself the reason why there were eight in the one photo and only six in the other. What happened to the missing two? Did they quarrel, lose touch with each other, move to another town or simply die young?
Very old photographs can’t really tell their stories because they have gone with the memories of their owners. They are like vessels adrift after breaking their moorings. Each one of us can let our imagination wander. We can grant them a new story.”