by Vincent Levrat

Wasteland, as a result of their emptiness and lack of purpose reveal themselves to be nonconforming to social norms. They thus represent locations for freedom and are conducive to the imagination. From this observation is born a desire to undergo a life experience in a waste ground, turning this location into a kingdom, an open-air studio. It becomes a playground where one may celebrate materiality and physical experimentation, a territory where one may escape the virtual and technological world.

Wanting to operate a return to a form of simplicity, the naive desire to undergo a kind of « tabula rasa » is not without recollecting a kind of rebellion. Constructing in order to destroy – all of which is bound to physical and intuitive experiences, which is somewhat absurd, yet resolutely childlike. From this emptiness which waste grounds can evoke, they are in reality a reserve of shapes and impoverished materials. An economy of means which, when nourished by the virtue of a childlike naivety, allow us to envisage these materials as the essence of various games and constructions.

Outburst was released in November 2019 by the publishing house Ciaopress. The book is available on the website ciaopress.com