Open House

by Abel Picogna

Open House is a catalog of furniture finely cared for in every detail, with a single defec: none of the products are available. Open House is a photographic book that aims to investigate the world of pornography from behind the scenes, or rather, from behind a screen. There are no pornographic scenes in the book, the focus is all on furniture, as if to indicate a parallel between this and the pornographic industry, made up of fiction, prejudices and preconstructed models that distort the image of how to experience sexuality. Open House has exactly the same graphic design as the IKEA® 2020 catalog. The only difference is that the images come from a field that is not that of architecture and interior design, but come from the world of pornography. Each image present is the result of a selection of a thousand screenshots taken from professional pornographic videos. The exclusion of amateur productions is a choice that wants to indicate that behind the pornography industry, everything is studied, starting from the construction of the set. The choice to reproduce these images within a furniture catalog and in particular, the choice of the IKEA® format was born to highlight the parallelism between these two worlds made of both built and fictional scenes. Although some pornographic images and nude scenes are not present in the catalog, some clues are hidden that raise some doubts to the reader about the origin of these shots. Thus creating a game in discovering the various secrets of this catalog.