On The Edge

by Siouzie Albiach

“On the edge” is a photographic series that debuted in 2018 in Japan, in the Kyoto region.
While travelling through the mountains and villages in the surroundings of the area, I photographed ambiguous atmospheres and emptied landscapes. I lingered in places which, although inhabited, seemed rather neglected.
Focusing on the outskirts of the city was driven by a desire to discover grey areas, to go around places that are usually hidden or less accessible. From this experience, a feeling of back and forth emerges between what seems to be under control in the pictures and what remains unreachable. “On the edge” is a personal insight on Japan, a first-hand look on a territory. It is a series that questions our connections to places and pending moments, it is a combination of images and stories that are integrated in a temporality that lasts and expands.