Of Ribs and Clay

by Naser Kianersi

Zeus gave the criminal Sisyphus a horrible punishment. He would have to push a giant piece of marble onto a mountain with incredible effort. The convict went to work, put all his power into his hands and feet and succeeded pushing the boulder as high as the mountain, almost reaching the top. Suddenly the boulder escaped from his hands and rolled into the depths. Again Sisyphus had to go to work, again he rolled the stone up the mountain and again he lost the piece of marble right on the edge of the top. Until the end of time Sisyphus had to roll up the stone up the mountain and not once he would fulfil his task. In the acceptance of the body as the stone lies the path to overcome its weight. OF RIBS AND CLAY reflects on the  origin of one’s self, the structure of the powers that be and on the individual moving, living and breathing in it.