Obscuria de Profundis 

by Tolo Parra

Since the dawn of mankind, unknown darkness was always present from the caveman to the telecoms and globalization modern man that we see today, to which the unknown always has been and still is part of our species DNA. Throughout History man has known intuitively like an animal the presence of a different and unknown world to his conscience from whence he is coming from and to where he is heading to in this mysterious river of life. Religions of all faiths are a proof of this search for, who Am I?, where have I come from?, where am I going?, what is my role in the universe?, and where will I go when I die? They are questions still unanswered to it’s deepest meaning. Shamans of the past and today’s men of science have tried to reduce the unease for the uncertainty what the fundamental unknown creates. Currently relativity theory seems to propose more and more strongly the hypothesis that appears at least logical and feasible on the table of science. Einstein-Rosen’s theory of the possible journey of matter through space and time opens today a door that we never imagined. Creating channels, the so-called “wormholes” through which matter is communicated through space and time, the existence of a fourth dimension or horizons of events are today paradigms that bring man one step closer in his eagerness to know and master the environment which he lives. Perhaps man has done nothing else since his birth as a species rather than wandering in an infinite desert of nothing, a dark and unknown dimension to his consciousness in which his only destiny is the eternal search, although the result is always to get the answer that he still knows nothing and that silence is the only answer infinity gives him. However, it seems that the only certainty is that man was born on earth but his future is the stars, the universe and the uncertainty of knowing himself lonely in this unknown dimension.