by Daniel Szalai

The project Novogen focuses on the eponymous breed of chickens, a special type of laying hens, genetically engineered to use its eggs for producing vaccines and other medications. Considering Novogen White chickens and their role in the pharmaceutical industry, the work poses vital questions and dilemmas about our relationship to nature and technology and calls us to consider the price paid to maintain our health and longevity. At the same time, by taking the chicken as a metaphor, it reflects on the capitalist concepts of workforce and our commodified existence.
The core of the work is formed by 168 individual portraits of Novogen White chickens. Besides, it includes a series of photographs documenting the environment of the production facilities and the process of vaccine production. The photographs are supplemented by a selection of extracts from the management guide of Novogen White Light and the marketing materials of the company that produces them.