My boyfriend is an alien

by Daria Nazarova

Project “My boyfriend is an alien” tells that it is impossible to completely understand each other regardless how close you are. A person can be at the same time your boyfriend and an alien to you. This is my fantasy about the partner’s inner world.

Most of the photos are taken in the village near Pskov, where my boyfriend spent his childhood and where his parents have been living until now. This place has influenced his personality and for me being there gives new level of understanding each other. This project has given us opportunity to create something together.

Searching for light in the dark, holding hands not to fall, walking in the fog, not knowing what’s gonna happen to us. We learn from each other. We are talking about the soul, the power of thought, science and the strangest theories on earth. Often we don’t understand each other, we argue and then at one point we take each other’s positions, still remaining on different sides. We call this «unsynchronized agreement». We are from different planets and we can’t help it.
For Misha