by Olivia Brighi

“Mollicci”, a representative name for a group of youngsters, serves as witnesses of Generation Z. Perfection takes second place, with reality, imperfection, taking the lead. The research the author undertakes aims to delve into how a digital-native generation engages with the rest of the world. The images of these youths are juxtaposed with news and recent developments from around the globe, thus ironically portraying a sense of grotesque and kitsch. Through this juxtaposition, the author sheds light on the intersection between the digital realm and the tangible world, exploring how these young individuals navigate the complexities of modern society. Amidst the digital saturation, Mollicci and their peers grapple with the challenges of being born into an era marked by both technological advancement and social isolation, a dichotomy that shapes their experiences and perceptions in different ways.