“Me and me”

by Wenjun Chen & Yanmei Jiang

Me and Me documented a story of growth through life and creation between a couple of artists – Wenjun Chen and Yanmei Jiang. Meeting each other from 2007, we started to record each one’s daily life unconsciously, treating the other one as a model in a photographic experiment. It came to a turning point in 2014, we tried to make a change in our life and work. We tended to shoot each other, self-portrait and group photo consciously, exploring and understanding ourselves in this relationship. That was how Me and Me started and also it was just a start. The project compiled the stories between us from 2007 to 2014, and also involved the experimental part of self-exploration and interpersonal relationship from 2014 to 2015. Finally, it displayed as a handmade book consists of four parts:

First part is the main part and the gist consisting of shooting each other, self-portrait and group photo.

The second part is two relevant books – Wenjun Chen In My Eyes and Yanmei Jiang In My Eyes.

The third part is articles in the form of letters, which narrated the stories between us in two separate versions.

The forth part is clips captured from social media, which in the form of news, showing the topics and dialogs between us on social media platforms.

This project was done together with Wenjun Chen.