Manipulated Memories

by Rafael Tanaka Monzò

My photographic work literalizes my ability to materialize my mental space. Startin from the verisimilitude of photography, i appropriate mages and give them a greater meaning, perhaps a deeper truth in wich i potentiate their evocative capacities by carefully choosing the moment and the pointof view. Like memory, my images are mixed and confused creating a hybrid reality, where fiction is intimately associated with reality and in the intimate confrontation of both. A place that constitutes the writing of my own history. For me a good photography is given when alternating narrative and representative elements. This series is interconnected through a cryptic narrative, like a manufactured memory. The series functions as fragmented narratives and convoluted stories, while combining different times sudden flashbacks. The time appears as a threadebare cloth that can be continuosly sewn and frayed. Creating unexpected narratives and generating connections and bifurcations that produce an emotional distortion of memory. I usually use very long exposure times so that the recorded movement perverts the idea of time. My work seems wrapped in an aura of tragedy and a blurred melancholy permeates my photographs. My images try to find a phsycal manifestation for the volatile substance of memories. For me, evoking is more important than identifyng. I prefer suggestions to definitions.