Malign Influences

by Diego Moreno

Malign Influences is a graphic intervention project on the author’s family photographic archive.
Through the manual use of coloured pencils, graphite, Indian ink, markers, oil or materials such as bleach or vinegar, he intervene the photographs as a way of creating new realities invented from his obsession and fascination with the anomalous. Inspired by the apocalyptic vision of the Catholic Church he served for twelve years as a child and raised in a highly religious environment, he grew up disturbed by who he was because of his sexual orientation. His identity was veiled by the prejudices and guilt that religious doctrines bestow on him. Throughout his life, the symbol of the monstrous and the abnormal was the only image he could empathise with because of the rejection.
Malign Influences allows him to construct an alternate world without guilt, paying homage to the family album, one of the main fictional artefacts in our lives that generates our identity over time. This project is starred by the beings that inhabit his head, who neither hide nor are silent, they show themselves in all their monstrosity. They speak with multiple voices claiming their difference. Thus, with their ungrammatical language, they refuse to be condemned to silence.