Lost Youth

by  Sasha Kurmaz

In this flow of images I want to show the different episodes of my personal life in which I fix my gaze on the situations, objects and events that are important to me, that transmit and shape my sense of reality.

I explore the world of feelings and thoughts the boundary between concepts of self and other / society and individuality, and ways of expressing these arrayed identities. For the most part, I’m interested in the interior of the human being, social and mental manifestations.

The photography becomes a kind of an intimate diary, a way of interacting with the environment and at the same time as a tool for the study of its formation.

I bring a focus on the combination and sequence alignment of images into a single conceptual streem in which each picture is self-sufficient, but at the same time is a continuation of the previous one and part of a whole, like a house is built of brick, or the book construct from the pages.

The primary aims of this project are to show the process in which identity is formed, social connections and relationships between young people in post-Soviet society today’s.