La luz que nos ciega

by Antonio Guerra

Antonio Guerra takes the concept of Nature as a starting point to address the dissociation Myth / Science and creates a story that speaks of universal themes such as death and ideas associated with illness such as rupture. “La luz que nos ciega” [The Light That Blinds Us] calls upon the natural environment of inland Spain’s rural areas as a symbolic space for reflection to trace a journey through science fictions, dead myths, reason and emotion, in a search for the frictions between natural and cultural space.
In contrast to the bucolic, idealised view of the countryside and its processes, detached from the actual lifestyle in rural areas, here we encounter a claustrophobic atmosphere, an extreme representation of nature’s workings that analyses territory through disaster. Hallucinatory landscapes, wounded animals and characters drifting between two different times shape a land brimming with traces and absences.
“La luz que nos ciega” is an encounter with the author’s biography in which the concepts of memory, death and rupture echo through each decision leading to its creation.