Inventaire Déraisonné

by Thibault Tourmente

Thibault Tourmente collects images that he cuts into books found, gleaned, recovered. This research is not so methodical as it is compulsive. The artist then arranges them on boards that follow one another like a stream of new images, fragmented by the multitude that compose them. Decontextualized from their original support and arranged among them in a random way, their profusion offers the possibility of a subjective interpretation, as much by the memory as by the sensitivity of each one. Despite the hazardous nature of the artist’s approach, the constancy of the format and the chromatic rigor generate a gesture close to the automatism of a mechanical system.
From this project follows a series of 12 publications presenting the 540 plates of this “Inventaire Déraisonné”, published by BATT Coop.