Infinite Travels

by Lucie Khahoutian

This series, wavering between collage and photography illustrates the constant dichotomy of my vision of the world.  The topics I approach as well as my practice are fed by the binary influence of a childhood in a multicultural household.  Orchestrating a discussion between Armenia and France, I feed an exquisite cadaver narrating my story while resonating with my artistic influences.

I enjoy blending Armenian traditional visual codes with a more European or Occidental environment.
My works approach a wide range of topics while being very focused on religion, spirituality, and mystical matters.
Difficult task, I aim to illustrate  -little known- Armenian humor as accurately as possible, hence inviting a playful tone in my images. Far from a over intellectualized work I like to work around the notion of absurd, inspired by Dada, or later on, Fluxus. From non conventional practice to ubuesque messages I like to nourish a confident nonchalence in my visual proposition.
Very much influenced by Raw and Naive Arts as well, I consider the relationship between the audience and my work through several layers.  My images, accessible, can be apprehended with the utmost ignorance of the topics I approach while still being readable. Nevertheless each image gathers numerous information regarding the origins of the scene, its influences, or its message. Different degrees of perception are possible and interpretations are endless.
More than ever in a global context of identity confusion and political blur I believe it is essential to celebrate our different origins and focus our practice on the foundation of our identity, whether it is as human or artist, and on an individual or collective scale. I am proud to illustrate, through my work, the wealth of a cultural migration and bring a little bit of Armenia on an artistic scene that seems to have given the cold shoulder to this part of the world for too long now.