In Search of Appropriate Images

by Mattia Balsamini

” This all started around early March 2020. From the longing for another reality than the one available, and from the will to take advantage of suspended time in my hands – trying to learn something from it. Home and its geographical territory have always been a cavernous subject for me, a combination of known and unknown. The way I find myself most comfortable exploring it, is by taking both forms into account. Looking close, looking far. A little at a time.
Here is what I originally wrote upon beginning this visual diary: “I’m sitting in the studio, where I spend most of my day. I look out the window, towards the mountains a few kilometers away, and I think of the enormous fortune of living in this house, in this area. Once a day, at dusk, I silently walk through the large fields separating me from those mountains, I photograph what is there, walking the same route almost every time, always departing from the same point, trying to look at everything with a new gaze — this is my exercise.” “

Mattia Balsamini moves within the walls of his home and its surroundings, looking for some sort of meaning in the objects, atmospheres and thoughts that are familiar to him.
From the combination of these images with some of the photographer’s archive photographs – which needed to be preserved and protected – ‘In Search of Appropriate Images’ was born.