In Orbit Every Monday

by Zoé Menthonnex

Shortlisted at the Charta Award 2022

A diary that can be eaten like crisps, fast, a little greasy with a taste of revival. An exquisite cadaver, a hybrid object that mixes random poems and images taken on the spot. It’s an easy recipe, visual fast food that mixes absurdity with triviality. The leftovers, the bottom of drawers of a life, moments captured over a few years, a capsule of memories displaying with humour a grotesque and tasty soup. A magazine of visual sketches, 366 pages of impertinence and incongruity against a background of punk music, it titillates your taste buds as much as it lifts your stomach.
Made up of screen shots, fleeting images and analogue photographs retrieved from the bottom of a forgotten hard drive. IN ORBIT EVERY MONDAY, a visual and chaotic chronicle that elaborates a narrative like a year of random and burlesque images, moments of everyday life, evenings, meals, moments of intimacy gathered in the form of a fake diary, to show, a bit like Araki in his work Hi-Nikki (Non-Diary Diary), the obsession to record the echoes of our lives, oddities included.