In Dog We Trust

by Sandra Birke

“IN DOG WE TRUST” is a series of 12 photographs that deals with the relationship between humans and dogs today.
Inspired by the Icons of the Orthodox Church, that show characters that are worshipped and adored by humans, I have put dogs in the place of those Icons. Because a dog means everything to it‘s owner. It is not just a pet – it is a member of the family, a partner and a best friend. Humans adore dogs for their love, their faithfulness and their friendship.
The dogs in my photographs are surrounded by items that are part of their lives. Out of these items I have designed patterns which build the frame of the pictures (patterns out of dog cakes, dog food, dog bowls, dog collars and other dog accessories). In addition to that, each dog received a halo, a very typical element of the Iconography. In the end, these specially composed dog portraits are printed on wood, like the Icons that were formerly painted on wood. Thank to this technique the dog portraits get an unique painting-like character.

“IN DOG WE TRUST” is a tribute to dogs.