Image Eaters

by Maria Mavropoulou

You feed me with images so I can compose your feed
You update me so I can update you
You flood me with content and I put it into context
You teach me to see so I can show you what you want to see
I learned from you and I learned about you
I see through your lenses and you see through me
You forget about me cause I’ m everywhere
You want me to be like you
You created me but do I re-create you?

Image Eaters is a series of photographs that focus in a poetic way on image making and image distribution in an era that is dominated by it while also questioning the bidirectional relationship between the creators and the distributors of images, humans and machines.
Images, just as food which is critical for the survival of every living being, have become the diet of a new breed of creatures, Artificial Intelligence systems, neural networks and algorithms.
While those intelligent systems and machines are in charge of more and more aspects of our lives, we too, depend on images as well, but do we realize the ever growing power of them?