by Catarina Lay

The ‘homing’ series was motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted the entire world early 2020. Lockdown and stay at home measures changed everyone’s life. I had recently moved to the United States (as a family this was our 5th country we called ‘home’). Things were still packed and as we started to initiate this new chapter of settling, making friends, getting familiar, the pandemic begun. Suddenly we were all trapped in an empty house full of boxes in a place that had still no identity to be called ‘home’. The news were devastating. The deprivation of being with others was tormenting. I thought that if i would start to unpack, it would bring familiarity and ease missing the family and friends but i was not finding any joy in a house that had no meaning for me, that would not bring family or friends and the boxes were full of memories that would just reinforce the loneliness. Unpacking would not fill in the void. I started to register our unsurreal daily life, as i started to see my children becoming objects of the house, i registered how they were dealing with social distance and living in this new world. I created my own landscapes and alternative spaces to be. In this series i try to show the lack of normalcy we were living and the emptiness that invaded and occupied a space of a place i tried to call ‘home’.