Hoarder Order

by Thomas Kuijpers

Thomas Kuijpers’ work always stems from a (series of) current event(s), on basis of which he investigates how the stories told about these events influence our daily lives. What is the effect on our brain of this daily reporting, when it comes to terrorism, refugees, Europe, extremism, etc? To investigate this, Thomas collects a lot of material of all kinds; newspapers, fragments of conversations he overhears on the street, video material from Youtube, posters on the wall at the bus stop, comments on Twitter. As soon as it touches upon the subject being investigated, it is added to the collection. From that collection new connections arise, as well as insights into the way in which narratives about specific subjects are shaped; and with this also the work arises, within which the source material is often still visible. ‘Hoarder Order’ is an index of 20 years of collecting and (re-)ordering this collection.