by Carlos Chavaría


Shortlisted Charta Award 2023

The discovery of a group of old images of various business meetings was the starting point for Façade, they led the artist to think about how the image of power and success in the business world has been historically portrayed, the importance of appearance that always been connected to this world and the visual footprint that can be still perceived in financial districts, in a moment when workplaces are transforming and the financial and corporate worlds are under more scrutiny and skepticism than ever, the project explores how this culture of profit has shaped for decades our urban environments creating an specific mental image of business in our collective subconscious through different elements like the architecture or the dress code among others.

The photographs in Façade present a world in which the individuals who inhabit it appear to have been dispossessed of any trace of identity and they are in result treated as a unique faceless element, in contrast, the large, concrete and steel made of structures they are surrounded by, seem as elegant in their attire and even more human in detail than them. The skyscraper and the “man in a suit”. The viewer doesn’t need to see their faces to know where they belong or where they are headed, its enough with intuiting the shape of their tie or suits in the images.

This idea of anonymity contrasts with the use of photographs of sections of building façades, a way to invert the logic, transferring the human element to the buildings and dehumanizing the subjects. The presence of golden motifs is constant throughout the series, like a trail that the subjects follow along the visual narrative, a symbol of wealth and power and the goal and fuel by which this world is driven by.