En surface, la peau

by Rebekka Deubner

This project accompanies me now over a few years as a day-to-day practice. The result is therefor a kind of visual diary, which grows bit-by-bit driven by an obsessional accumulation focused on desire and the shapes it takes as much in the spaces I cross than in the bodies I encounter.

The body forms the sign of an organic language that unfolds silently in space as pure visual and sensual play.

The desire grows out of the separation. It results from the intrinsic limit which constitutes us physically and distinguishes us from the other.

Skin; a sensitive envelop, an exposed surface, at the same time frontier and contact zone, space offered to a hand-to-hand.

These strange or intimate bodies, dispossessed of their image which now belong to me, designate me the specificity of my desire through their accumulation.

Catching a gesture in mid-movement or capturing a body in fragments, showing its moving and touching surface. Here the photograph conveys a sensitive, tactile experience of the body that becomes a reflection and symbol of unspeakable emotions, whether in tension, love or abandonment.

So one gesture calls for another, caress provoking caress and the dialogue is extended through the juxtaposition of images into a frieze, where signs flourish and respond to each other, sketching a subjective repertoire of this language without signified.