Death-Mort-Tod A European Book of the Dead

by Steve Finbow & Karolina Urbaniak

Death-Mort-Tod A European Book of the Dead, is a country-to-country death trip, a necro-travel guide across dark sites of Europe with its millennia of genocides, mass murders, serial killings and suicides. A collaboration between photographer Karolina Urbaniak and writer Steve Finbow, the project draws inspiration from myth, folklore, reportage, poetry and audio-visual sources. Finbow’s texts of fiction, non-fiction, appropriation, and cut-ups, have become points of reference for Karolina Urbaniak’s musings over the Modern Day Vanitas. In her 47 illustrations, 47 gestures towards death, Urbaniak examines with forensic rigour the thanatic history of the continent and resonates with the eclectic narrative through photographs, collages, drawings and installations. Using teeth, bones, mud and ashes and human hair she creates a visual index of atrocities and an uncanny reliquary, a token of remembrance of the inevitability of death.  Death-Mort-Tod A European Book of the Dead, with foreword by Eugene Thacker and afterword by Brad Feuerhelm was published by Infinity Land Press in 2018.