Darkness Is Colorful

by Marta Blue

The photographs of this project were taken between 2017 and 2020. They are the prelude to a new project that I am developing in these months and which will have mental health as its main theme. This is an introspective journey in which I compare my emotions and try to bring out my fears. Darkness is colorful, for me, it is a collection of emotions, passing from death to seduction, I tried to convey specific sensations through simple and well-defined images. I decided to combine dark and profound themes such as loneliness, abandonment and fear, with sparkling colors, glitter and colored lights. Because the intention is always to bring out the contrast between what is real and what you want to make believe it is real. All the images I made are designed, they are all constructed, there is nothing captured or random. And there is always a specific intention to provoke an emotional reaction or a memory. My work, especially in this project, is a constant research on themes filtered by the power of our memories and the effect they have on people. I tried to filter delicate and intimate topics with images with very strong references because I would like people to be rewarded visually, but also to recognize themselves in certain situations or emotions.

Marta Blue