Cosi fan tuttә – 9 semplici regole per non andarsela a cercare


by Diletta De Bortoli

Così fan tuttә – 9 semplici regole per non andarsela a cercare is a photographic project that takes the form of a sarcastic manual on how to avoid sexual harassment, playing on the common conception that, after all, if you endure something sexually violating it is also your fault as the victim, as you called it upon yourself.
The project immediately arises on the level of the absurd: absurd is the limitation of one’s freedom that often one is forced to suffer in order to avoid situations of discomfort and danger; and absurd is the visual modality with which these rules are illustrated, playing with words, associations and visual references. Cosi fan tuttә is a fluid and inclusive pattern of different people and photographic approaches.
The extremity of the photographic language, which becomes didactic and manual, will recall an archival research that involves the historical photos of Mario De Biasi and Ruth Orkin, also underlining a folkloristic aspect of the problem that is difficult to unhinge.