Are They Rocks or Clouds?

by Marina Caneve

“Are They Rocks or Clouds?” (Fw:Books, 2019) is a multifaceted photographic project based on the hypothese of the occurrence of a huge hydrogeological catastrophe in the Dolomite Mountains in around 50 years. Facing this idea I was not moved by a necessity to document any catastrophe in its occurrence, either to celebrate the beauty of the mountains’ environment. Therefor I create a scenario for an environmental catastrophe to happen, through blending her research and archival footages, texts, and her own photographs. To me is very important also to question the structure of our knowledge on mountainous areas which could benefits greatly if we allow different perspectives. The project lacks a straight narrative, its layout (in the book or in exhibitions) constantly introduces deviations and overlayering – used as a metaphor of the layering of rocks which constitutes the inner structure of mountains, thus showcasing their vulnerability.