Appelez-moi Victoria

by Camille Carbonaro

Appelez-moi Victoria is a visual archaeology exploring elements of memory, genealogy and exile. The project raises the more general questions on the above, using as a starting point the Italian immigration in France and its impact. Camille Carbonaro addresses issues on self definition, the discovery of one’s own roots and indeed one’s own generational journey and what is meant by historical memory. She balances between reality and fiction between research and personal quest, on psychic and mystical levels, concerning her origins. Camille Carbonaro creates a composition of elements assembled from immigrants’ children’ stories while exploring her own memories evaporated in time. Inspired by the theories of Alejandro Jodorowsky on psycho-genealogy and psycho-magic, she investigates out of focus and forgotten aspects of her family history. Appelez-moi Victoria is a hymn to tales and to roots, striped of patriotism and nationalism, which underlines issues of immigration, a rather sensitive and time relevant subject.

This project is about emotional legacy; it’s about a ritual passage which has left its signs, its marks, for future generations to witness but never live.

Why abandon our roots on the border?

Children of exile, what will be our heritage?


©Camille Carbonaro/ Résidence 1+2 2018