Angelus Novus

by Anargyros Drolapas

A series of photographs inspired by Walter Benjamin’s thoughts about Paul Klee’s painting entitled Angelus Novus (New Angel). The depiction of an angel that seems incapable of intervening in what is happening in the present time. A distant observer from above that seems to sympathize, but is unable to interact.

In the modern landscape, the Europeans are experiencing a mute crisis that threatens the structures and values of the European Union. The initial intentions and promises of the union about cooperation and solidarity are overturned at the altar of profit and fear. Fear about diversity and about an “external threat”. Nowadays the role of the distant observer is adopted by common people. The question remains whether a citizen should act, rebel, protest or should stay neutral, “civilised” and unnoticed.

The photographer in this project acts as a medium that objectively reflects the dystopian image of now while he manages to stay unnoticed.