by Federico Guarino

Through images with a dry and linear aesthetic, the author tells us what we intuitively recognize as a love story. The photographs speak to us of primary, ancient emotions: joy, pain, boredom, serenity, anger, melancholy… We experience them without any mediation, and they accompany us into a personal and unknown world, yet always vaguely familiar.
This is one of the main strengths of the exhibition and the project: its ability to address anyone, offering itself to the free interpretation of every gaze. The images are open, the message is not univocal: the perception of the journey changes with the changing inner world of the observer.
Thus, the chronicle aspect of the narrated and represented story is replaced by a more lyrical subtext, made of mutual recognition of emotions; it then becomes a dialogue that is established between the memory and interiority of the spectators and that of the photographer.
Part of the project includes a video that is an aesthetic and narrative extension of the photographic sequence, an intimate testimony of collected snippets of life, and also a hymn to the importance of all those things that, in a society obsessed with performance and exceptionally, constitute a large part of our existence while passing through it discreetly, marking the days like a white noise that leaves no traces.
Agave reminds us that life is mostly composed of these small things, and we would do well to always keep this in mind and give them the right amount of attention because attention, as the philosopher Simone Weil wrote, is the first form of love.